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what happened/eye of fatima
its recording, the clock says half past 1 i have no sunglasses as i step into the sun lord knows i did somethin, wut could it be woke up in the mornin and all my friends hate me, he got the eye of fatima in the wall of the hotel room, three botels of tequila, 3 cats and a broom, he got a 15 year old angel and shes all dressed in black she got 15 bindles of cocaine tied up in a sack, this here is a government expirement and were drivin like hell to get some cowboys on acid and we'll stay in motels were gonna eat up some wide open spaces like it was the top of the nile the hands on the clock are gonna be here a while an eye of the eye of fatima in the wall of a hotel room and cowboys on acid r like egyption cartoons no1 ever conquered wyoming from the left or the right just stay in the hotel room stay up all night


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