I just take it nice and easy - don't want no sheriff breakin down the door to raid me

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Robbin' the Hood
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work that we do
well we realized so long long ago
and i bet you
that we've seen it all
in lies
won't bet you

i've got fourteen miles to go
i've got rhythm common sense i got the soul
but i won't wanna come around our love
so why
if you are rich i'm gonna hang you on the wall
and i'mma find you
and when i find you i'm going to get your lovin' arms today
so go
we fight
to get
we fight to get our weary arms to bed

real love's something and i still know
people make their own places to go
and now in '94 were gonna lie some more
in 1994 were going to die some more
is it ever gonna be the last show?

it's going to be the last straw
false teeth thought to make the cards that we draw
a one person
i know you don't mind i got attitude
you don't want no violent voodoo
you're mine
all type of
lovin' won't go what the love won't go
follow follow a wicked woman
a wild girl to make me make the bonfire
make me wanna be a heavy load
forget that
we are till you're icing me with you
lift it
an arm
then write some
that's work that we do
work that we do
it's work that we do
it's a beat
bass start bumping all over the play-sss

"False teeth god makes the cards that we draw"

Bradley is regarding Opie Ortiz as the false teeth god, he was tripping hard and thought Opie was a god drawing cards that controlled his life

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