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scarlet begonias
as i was walkin' down rubadub square
not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air
from another direction she was caught in my eye
it could be an illusion but i might as well try
might as well try
she had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes
and i knew without asking - she was into the blues
she wore scarlet begonias tucked into her curls
i knew right away she was not like other girls
like other girls

well i ain't never been right as i ain't never been wrong
as heaven works out the way it does in this song (hey)
'cuz once in awhile you get shown in the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right

it was the summer of love and i thank the stars above
because the woman took a lovin' over me
and just to gain her trust i bought a microbus
because i sold off all my personal property

a tight tye-dye dress she was a psychadelic mess
we toured to the north, south, east, and west
we sold some mushroom tea we sold some extacy we sold nitrous, opium, acid, heroin, and pcp

and now i hear the police comin' after me
yes now i hear the police comin' after me
the one scarlet with the flowers in her hair she's got the police comin' after me

but there ain't nothin' wrong with the way she moves
all scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues
and there ain't nothin' wrong with the love that's in her eye
i had to learn the hard way just to let her pass by
let it pass by
oh just let her pass by

This is a cover of a Grateful Dead song and can be found on 40oz to freedom.

The main vocalist on Scarlet Begonias is Miguel.

Here's an excerpt from an interview where he tells the whole story...

"Scarlet Begonias - we would always go see the Grateful Dead. It was a big party back then even if you were not completely into the music. It was the place to be as it was pre-Lollapalooza and shit like that. It was the wild fucking west. I saw them in Vegas and I swear to God they flipped stuff and they flipped Scarlet Begonias into a reggae shuffle groove.
It was psychedelic because when I got back from seeing The Grateful Dead in Vegas with all my friends, my roommate had been to the thrift store buying records and he goes, “Here you are you fucking hippy,” and he left a Grateful Dead record for me on my bed - it had that song Scarlet Begonias on there. So I had the song now so I could figure out how the chords go and I just did it to show the guys and they liked it.
It was another last minute song addition. Originally Brad sang the whole song and then the middle part where he sings “Summer of love…” was a guitar solo. That version was probably pretty good. Brad would save you like that and he would do stuff like go out to the car, smoke and listen to the demo I gave him two weeks ago. He then came in with a bummed look on his face, he was not a perfectionist but he knew with minimal effort the song could be way better and that we have to go that extra mile. We have to!
He told me I had to sing the song, as I sang it better. So I went into the vocal booth and sang it and for some reason Eric was there and the three of us tracked the whole song in about 30 minutes and Eric was saying well Brad has to have his stamp on the song and Brad should sing something or do another guitar solo. There is a lot of guitar solos on 40 oz to Freedom if you trip out on it. Do we really need another one?
So Brad just went out to the car again and wrote that verse in about five minutes came in and did it and we mixed the track that night. Most people don’t get it. For us it didn’t matter that Brad didn’t sing the song. Whatever sounded better he would go for that shit. He didn’t really have an ego. He wasn’t trying to bring out the best. Wait that’s too simple, he was just always wanting to do something special. He was good at zeroing in on that real heart moment."

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