I throw my net out into the sea and all the fine heinas come swimmin' to me

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40oz to Freedom
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waiting for my ruca
"punk rock changed our lives."
(dog barking)
good boy, good boy, good boy

on the east side
that's where i met
my ramona
i wanna go to a party
that's what she said
that's what i've been

here's my telephone number call me

and to a party a house party
whole loop-a people just rally 'round me
and love
she send a message of love

she said
i love up the way you move
i love the way you rap
bo bo!
ramona please step back

now she's my ruca
i'm barely waiting for my heina

she moved from long beach down to l.a.
right now she's selling oranges by the freeway
i wanna know
ramona am i the only one, tell me

and she said
you're not the only one but you're the best bradley
bo bo!

and now i'm waiting for my ruca
and i barely pulled up with my heina
i know tonight i'll be behind her
don't fuck around with my heina

"Punk rock changed our lives." is from The Minutemen

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