Ain't got no quarrels with God - Ain't got no time to grow old

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Second Hand Smoke
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don't push (s.h.s. version)
stolen from an africa land,
chased out with a knife
with a face like
bob marley
and a mouth like a motor-bike
oh well the bars are always open,
and the time is always right
and if god's good word goes unspoken
the music goes all night

and it goes..

if i was bob marley i said could you be loved?
and if i was half pint i'd ball lord up above

if i was mike tyson i'd look for a fight
if i was a boomtown rat i would be stayin' up all night
if i was the king ad-rock i would get stoopid dumb
and if rhymes were valiums i'd be comfortably numb

if i had a shotgun, you know what i'd do?
i'd point that shit straight at the sky
and shoot heaven on down for you

because the bars are always open
and the time is always right
and if god's good work goes unspoken
the music goes all night,
and it goes

i want a lover but i can't find the time
i want a reason but can't find a rhyme
i want to start some static but i can't afford
to get slammed to the ground like i fell off my skateboard

now a days is clear as you please
strap with protection or struck with disease...disease

laughter, it's free
anytime just call me

when your down with sublime
you get
funky fresh lyrics.

stolen from an africa land,
i'll chase that other bar,

ice is my best friend tonight, so, don't push me too far

i'm gonna run
come down with the new lyrics
get hit, get hip,
don't slip you knuckle heads
racism is scism on a serious tip
you don't belive me then i go on bust your lip

higher the mountain, it hard to climb
rougher the rhythm man, it must be sublime
listen yellow lover yet it right on time
we got cricket with the quickness and the bass line...

lord have his grilled cheese
this the kinda rhythm make you wanna explode
not like doin coke or cheeba
not like takin a load

because i'm on time me style rough and rugged
i keep my body strong, clean and artic

people wanna come up and they want tell me
smokin crack cocaine better than sensi

once done it
me sick of it

if you touch me style
me gonn' bust your lip
we give it to you like a newman flick
because its simple
we don't want plastic, bo!


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