On the east side that's where I met my Ramona

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saw red bandelero
waitin' till you let me in through a stairwell
never wanna make love before you colero
penara por liftin' everythin' up together for me
it's pretty it's fallin' buddy bye buddy bye lift it up again to me
'cause in i know what they might believe
and they never like the story they don't want to believe
but i only leave with dust in my hand
and i would be nothin' if dust's in my hand

but baby when you wanna get low
and baby if you wanna get high
that's okay i got livin' big
in front is getting red
it's all red
i saw red
one more sacred love that i shot

every single bit that's a lot to me
a little bit more
a little bit more

baby you just listen just a blit to me
i'm prayin' for the few things to get more irie
but i should be clever how could i be treated
all you sign on the line
and i am not the mag muppet
i am not the puppet
gettin' bored for it
higher higher higher and higher and higher

but waitin' for that guy to get home
waitin' for your mother to get back home
'cause she left last when she met bert susanka's dad
and i noticed you're lookin' at me
and you saw red when you were lookin' at me

me parece casero
make way for the bandelero

pretty little apple iced in lies
makes me drink the gin like wine
but never fuel with your fire


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