I was always taught that boy meets girl - Fall in love get married and forget the world

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same in the end (take one)
giving modern man laws he's forced to believe
they give it up oh and they give it up oh but give it up
oh but get down believe uh
after nothin' lives his self inside
oh oh oh
once we got to livin'
i said "nigh"

we might hate it and it might hate
but that don't get them in my head
only words can leave your hands
all my hate is lifting on
but my middle's nearly gone
before i leave i'll live up

i only do it to further believe
i don't know what's a fact
what's the tricks up your sleeve
i'm young with a wacked out face
and i get mean
i'm livin' on top of life
best i mean

we murdered five police
one day while under
oh they gonna pay for it
'pon their faces lies disguised in light
and oh oh oh
my broken heart
might be nice

we might hate it and it might wait
this i'm prayin' it in my brain
in my veins and in my brain
for my family lift my name
for my freedom lift my game
for my freedom

i'm only doin' it to further believe
when the answer's are not
with the tricks up your sleeve
i'm the bandit and uh huh
i don't need
all your lies
zip no
ride by late

and are you lovin' it
i don't know
it's sunday morning
i'm gonna pay for it
eyes disguised in life the load
oh oh oh
i and i got my life

through my hatin' and in my wait
hurt my hands and twist my mouth
we might wait and it might come
we might make it and it might break
it's my freedom it's my life

i only do it to fight to believe
when i know it's true
that there is tricks up your sleeve
in the buddy bye of man
it makes no difference
it's mixed up and over


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