Summertime and the livin's easy

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rollin' rollin' rollin'
keep those doggies rollin'
rollin' rollin' rollin'
hell bent for leather
windy rain and weather
wishin' my girl was by my side
oh good victuals, love and kissin'
is what i'll be missin'
'til i reach the end of my ride

so move 'em on (head 'em up) head 'em up (move 'em up) move 'em on (head 'em up) rawhide! cut 'em out (ride 'em in) ride 'em in (cut 'em out) cut 'em out (ride 'em in) rawhiiiiiiide! movin' movin' movin'

keep them doggies movin'
don't try to understand em
just rope, throw and brand em
soon we'll be livin' high and wide


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