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three, four!

i mean it, i mean it
i wanna have sex with you
let me tell ya, let me tell ya, let me tell ya what i’m gonna do
i said, winston i love you 100 ways
winston love you 5,000 ways
but, everybody wanna hear me story
that i gonna tell ya….???

hey y’all, i wanna talk to my band for a second.
you guys remember that song a while back by ub-40?
it was like, i forget how it goes, something like
“walking down the road with a pistol in your hand” or something like that?
how’d it go?

1, 2, 3, 4
running down the road
with a pistol in your hand
woah no, you are the babylon
come down!
one of, one of these days
i’m gonna leap over on my own
woah no, oh yeah

go down


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