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The reason I compared Bradley with 2pac once

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:28 am
by Alison Silversun
When I was a teenager 2pac and Bradley from Sublime where my idols music was the only thing that kept me going their music meant everything to me music was the air that I breathe .So I ask once like ten years ago can compare them with each other and some stupid ass motherfucker said 2pac had no talent so I deleted the post but now I'm at it again so just let me know what u think maybe u can come up with another artist and make comparison

SO yeah Im gonna start with the silliest thing

Bradley was a rockstar nr1 2pac was a rapstar

their both from the same era 91/92 -96 but unfortnately bradley overdosed and pac got shot
and both die young(while in 94 95 the were both in risen fame and had some seoiur trouble 2pac going through shooting and facing jailtime for rap charge and bradley battle his addiction and could not manage to stay clean I think)

they both made huge mistakes and do not think always of consquenses
brad with his tarzan jump that broke his hand and addiction of herion
while people saw 2pac deal with deathrow as something real dangerous and as pac said in this ain't living u can run the redlight but read the streetsigns they both probably got screwed also by their major label who owe them money or did not get a fair piece

they were both psychotic in some way or another 2pac more in his lyrics
brad went from a happy being kid to someone who beacme like a demon was inside of him while hallucinating while he was srting out

they both wanted to be president in some wierd way for as brad sing subconciously in greatest hits
the black community saw 2pac a s a leader

their music is from the heart

they both read alot of books and potrey it in his lyrics and album 2oac more than bradley because u have a better list known by people from what 2pac was reading
Bradley u could have catch in their tour vehicle reaing a book all of the time

they both came from broken home

they both had problem with God Bradley always
Bradley always guestioning if god was real while 2pac walsy guestion god why he let his people suffer .As he said in only god can judge for example cause even thugs cry But the Lord care??? he probably says this more than one way in more song probably guestioning the governrment as well

they both gave people confidence and believe deeply in themselves

2pac says in smile if u can believe than u can achieve just look at me
Bradley said in that biorythm video if u believe in yourself and I dont care if ur 30 or 4o one day it will happen

they both represent their crew their people 2pac represented the thugs thuglife and later on westside california love as we all will remeber the song he did after he got outta jail
Bradley represented the punks also lbc and California music in general

as most known musician do they do their own thing when comes to good music pac did somthing nobody did before and bredly did somthing with music also taht nobody did before

but the that I feel most that brad and 2pac had in common is their fans both share the same feeling the hopeless feeling(I mean what would have happen to sublime fans if the lbdas did not exist if a sublime pact did not exist)

maybe u dont like this or disagree but whatever u do just dont ever say that 2pac has no talent maybe im a bit paranoid maybe nothing makes sense to other people but this is what I had this in my head once

so if u know other artist that can make comparison let me know
the funniest thing is I never knew why they were not incluence by each other

;let me know as well for I have not study everybody

Re: The reason I compared Bradley with 2pac once

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:29 pm
by Alison Silversun
and I do not know if 2pac had adhd but he did say in a song that he was hyper as a kid(all eyez on)

Re: The reason I compared Bradley with 2pac once

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:54 pm
by Alison Silversun
he also did rewind selectors if u can call it that or sampler songs as I already said once turntables is diffrent than instrument

I compare 2pac signing to death row with brad hooking up with heroin addiction for they both supossedly brought the best of them in music but they both kinda lead to his death as well for both of them were dangerous like a deal with the devil

Re: The reason I compared Bradley with 2pac once

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:46 pm
by Alison Silversun
one difference that I find in 2pac and bradley is that 2pac would say to em tos epak my mind and bradley would say to me live and let live so when I was going to the psychologist and they made a comment about my language tupac was saying to me to speak my mind while bradley was saying to em to leta nd let live so I listeen to bradley and never made a comment back while the biggest rap song in the history of aruuba told me ot always respect from what is mind culture language and my music REGGAE so yeah the truth is I regret no defending my language instead I stayed quite like I do most of the time

Re: The reason I compared Bradley with 2pac once

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:44 am
by Alison Silversun
On emore thing sublime and 2pac (digital underground) had in common is when they were on tour they will gte into this fight where the y kick each other of the band lol and the next day they would be cool and this happened more than once