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Post by your mom » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:24 pm

calling all sublime fans!

if you have not heard, the original surviving members of sublime are putting together the band again with a NEW lead singer.

this is against the wishes of bradley, his family, his son and his widow.

for years... the remaining members have maintained that bradley wouldn't have wanted to be replaced and they would never think to do it. he wouldn't do it to them, they wouldn't do it to him.

something changed.

and we don't like it.

come support the movement to support the Nowell family, and demand that they use a different name!


this topic is locked because this is an announcement for the group on facebook. if you'd like to debate about this issue, please feel free to do so in the designated forums.
you will never ever SEE SUBLIME. it's heart and soul died in 1996.


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