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YummiYogurt was featured in 3 magazines, including Wired October 2000. If you search for yummiyogurt at google, you can find a few interesting results.

YummiYogurt is a very cool WinAMP skin that is very easy to use. The important flower colors here are Yellow, Green and Red. Yellows mean you're changing song, Green means GO (Play music), Red means STOP. Just like a traffic light, eh? Easy to remember.

You also have Pause, Eject, Random and Repeat buttons next to all that.

To change the volume, you grab the ladybug, and move it left or right. As you increase volume, the flowers grow more. Lower the volume and the flowers sink into the ground. It doesn't really make much sense but it looks cool.

The butterfly next to the ladybug is the balance control.

The worm crawling across the middle of the grass, shows you how far into a song you are. You can grab the worm and move him to any part of the song.

The two flowers over to the right toggle visibility of the equalizer, and playlist

This skin has over 217,556 downloads at

Update: March 27th 2005 This skin was re-uploaded to as YummiYogurt v5. In the three days it has been posted to it has recieved almost 60,000 downloads. Thats 20,000 per day!


This is the original YummiYogurt skin. Featured in Wired Magazine Oct 2000.



YummiYogurt 1.0

SublimeSpotAmp v0.21

SublimeSpotAmp was my first attempt at skinning. Later I came out with this other variation, I called Tattoo. It was never released.

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